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Recycle for Schools


The Recycle for Schools Scheme is a fantastic way to get schools involved with the issues of recycling. And best of all the school will receive funds for any mobile phones recycled through the scheme to purchase new school equipment and resources.


How it Works

Simply register your school by completing the registration form, then start collecting unwanted mobile phones.

Once you have over 25 mobile phones call or email us and we will arrange to collect the redundant mobile phones from your school.

We then test and value the Mobiles, you will receive 100% of the phones value so you can buy new school equipment.





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Recycle for business

By registering as a member of you will will be able to.

  • Get great cash prices for recycling your mobile phones.
  • Check the progress of any orders.
  • Review your previous order history.
  • Manage your account details.
  • Recommend friends and family to our site.
  • Use our feedback form to send us your comments.
  • Get free delivery for orders of ten or more handsets.
  • Keep up to date with the latest news.
  • Sign up to our newsletter service.
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